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Outcome of active mobilization after tendon repair: A study in a tertiary care centre

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Samudrala Sreenivas, Siliveru Rajesh Kumar, Ashwin Kasturi

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Introduction: An injury to the hand will cause a massive deterioration of the regular function. The most affected areas are the fingers. Following the tendon repair, it is important to mobilize the hand at the earliest to stimulate the healing process as well as reduce adhesions. Materials and Methods: The primary repair was done for the patients under general anesthesia with tourniquet control within 6-8 hours of the injury. After 24 hours of surgery, rehabilitation for the damaged fingers were done, which involved active mobilization of the fingers with active flexion initially and then further passive flexion, according to Kleinert’s regimen. Results: In the 30 patients in the study, 80% of them were males and 20% were females. The predominant active mobilization scores according to the Louisville scores was good in 62.3% of the cases, while it was excellent in 17.4% of the cases. 13% of the patients and 7.2% of the patients had fair and poor scores respectively Conclusion: Early active mobilization with passive extension as per Kessler’s technique is a very useful method for the recovery of the muscle strength and movement of the tendon after repair.

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 Tendon repair, Active mobilization, Passive mobilization.

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