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Functional outcome of submuscular plating for diaphyseal long bone fractures

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Prashant V Bhandari, Shriram Devkate, Yogesh Gaikwad

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Introduction: Multiple operative and non operative treatment options have been advocated for the management of diaphyseal long bone fractures. Surgical treatment with nailing and plating remains a standard treatment modality. Minimally invasive submuscular plating is the one treatment option. In this study we share our results of submuscular plating for diaphyseal long bone fractures in tertiary care hospital. Materials and Methods: 30 patients of closed humerus shaft fracture, shaft of tibia and shaft of femur excluding the proximal and distal portions of respective bone were operated by single team of surgeons between June 2016 to June 2019 with closed reduction and submuscular plating with 4.5 mm narrow DCP or 4.5 mm narrow LCDCP fixed with only 2 to 3 screws on either side was the modality of fixation. Out of 30 patients there were 17 males and 13 females with age range 10 to 50 years. Mechanism of injury was RTA in 18 cases including 08 are polytrauma patients and 12 are of domestic fall. The fracture pattern was classified as per AO-ASIF classification. All patients were operated within 5 days of injury. Patients were assessed clinically, radiologically and functionally. Results: All patients showed union at fracture site without any major complication except 2 patients had superficial wound infection. Mean surgical time was 88 minutes. Average total incision length of 10 /- 2 cm. 12 to 15 hole plate used commonly. Average blood loss is 100 cc. Conclusion: Once properly planned and executed correctly the submuscular plating for diaphyseal long bone fractures is one of the reliable treatment modality. It is minimally invasive technique that allows early mobilization with satisfactory radiological and functional outcome with minimal complications.

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 Fracture, Shaft, Plate, Plating, Submuscular.

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