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The prophylactic use of antibiotic coated intramedullary nail in treatment of open tibia fractures

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Pulkit Prakash, Dinesh Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Ajay Kumar Rajput

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Introduction: Open tibia fractures are the most common type of all open injuries and are more prone to infection than other long bones. To control infection various surgical techniques and antibiotic therapy are used. Local delivery of antibiotics at the tissue-implant interface using Gentamicin-coated implants is one of the methods which provide mechanical stability, effectively prevent infection and promote bony union by simple one stage procedure. Materials and Methods: Thirty patients were selected with open fracture of shaft tibia, treated operatively with antibiotic coated intramedullary interlocking nail and were followed up for a minimum of six months duration. Radiological Union was assessed using RUST Score and clinical assessment results were graded as excellent, good, fair and poor. Result: In this study of 30 patients, time taken in wound healing in 15 patients is 5 weeks. RUST score at 6 months in 16 patients is 8. Infection found in 2 patients and 1 patient undergone non-union. 29 patients can bear weight without pain after 6 months of surgery. 16 patients have fair outcome. Conclusion: The use of the antibiotic coated nail has good clinical and radiological outcome at six months and preliminary results support the use of antibiotic coated implants as a new potential treatment option for prevention of infection in open tibia fractures.

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 Open fracture, Intra medullary nail, Antibiotic coated.

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