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Study on learning styles of first year medical students attending CBME curriculum at a medical college of Bihar

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Nimisha Madhu, Chandra Kiran, Rajendra Prasad, Suman Kumari, Ramanuj Singh, Prabhat Kumar Lal

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Background: Students vary in their preference of learning styles. CBME has provided opportunity to introduce new learning techniques. Students are also exposed to basics of adult education. Assessment of learning styles using VARK has been widely adopted. Aims: The present study was conducted to recognize the learning styles of first year medical students attending anatomy classes as per CBME curriculum in a medical college of Bihar. Materials and Methods: The present study was cross-sectional in nature conducted upon 118 first year medical students attending anatomy classes as per CBME curriculum. Self administered VARK questionnaire was given to the students. Data was analyzed and inferences were drawn. Results: Mean age of the students was 17.9 years. Multimodal style of learning was universally preferred. 89% preferred quadrimodal, 9% trimodal and 2% bimodal styles. Visual style was preferred by 89%, Auditory as well as Read/ write style each by 95.8% and Kinesthetic style by 93.2%. Conclusion: Students must be aware of their preferences of learning styles. Teachers must also be oriented towards the same to provide choices of learning methods to the students to increase learning outcomes.

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Cross sectional study, Learning style, Medical students.

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