Thrombocytopenia among HIV infected patients attending a tertiary care hospital in India

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Mukund B Kulkarni, Muktpal M Bhalerao, Smita J Mokal, Bindu Krishnan

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Background: Thrombocytopenia is a frequent hematological complication of human immunodeficiency virus infection which can occur at any stage of HIV infection. The various cytopenias correlate directly with the degree of immunosuppression. However, isolated thrombocytopenia, may be the initial presentation of HIV infection. Incidence of thrombocytopenia is around 10% - 40% and in some patient only thrombocytopenia may be the first sign of HIV infection or AIDS. Since few studies are available from Asian countries we decide to study thrombocytopenia in HIV infection or AIDS from India. Materials and Methods: The study was conducted at a teaching hospital in India after obtaining ethical permission from the institute. Subjects were recruited after taking written informed consent. Two hundred subjects of both sex and in the age group 18-60 years were recruited for study. Blood samples were collected and analysed on same day within two hours. Platelet count of < 1> 0.05 non-significant. Results: The mean platelet count was 2.06935lakh/ mm3and highest and lowest platelet count were 4.1lakh/mm3 and 0.63lakh/mm3respectively. Out of two hundred, 8.5% subjects had thrombocytopenia. Females had a slightly higher prevalence as compared to males but it was not statistically significant (p=0.22). Likewise more of younger age group patients had thrombocytopenia. No significant relation was found between platelet count and ART status (p=0.773). Conclusion: Thrombocytopenia is a common finding in HIV infection. Peripheral destruction of platelets and ineffective platelet production leads to thrombocytopenia among HIV patients. ART improves platelet count and must be started as soon as possible.

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 Immunity, Platelet, ART, Cytopenia.
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