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Study of association of bleeding and clotting time with blood group among young adults

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Jiby Jolly Benjamin, M Bagavad Geetha

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Background: Blood group plays a unique role in revealing the identity of an individual. Several studies have expressed variations in bleeding tendencies among individuals with various ABO blood groups. Hence a study was done to the find association of bleeding and clotting time with this blood group. Materials and Methods: This study had a cross-sectional study design and was done among 250 young adults. Slide agglutination method was used to assess ABO blood group; while Dukes and capillary tube method were used to determine bleeding and clotting time respectively. Chi-square analysis was done to analyze its association with blood group. Results: Blood group O (38.4%) was found to be the major blood group among both genders, followed by B (34%), A (19.2%), AB (0.08%). Bleeding time of more than 4 minutes was found in both O and B group but the result was statistically not significant (p=0.85). Clotting time of more than 6 minutes was found again in both O and B groups and the difference was not significant (p=0.96). Bleeding time was found to be higher in males while Clotting time was found to be more prolonged in females however the difference was statistically less significant (p>0.05). Conclusion: In this study, results have shown that blood group O was the predominant blood group among the study population and blood group O and B had prolonged bleeding and clotting time compared to other groups. Based on gender, females had higher clotting time compared to males.

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 ABO antigen, Agglutination, von Willebrand factor.

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