Variation in branching pattern of splenic artery and its surgical importance

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G Sundar, V Sangeetha

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Background: Splenic artery commonly called as lineal artery being the largest branch of celiac trunk in adults and next largest to common hepatic artery in fetal life making tortuous course in stomach bed.The splenic artery show variations in it’scourse and branching pattern frequently. The main aim of the study is to know the different branching pattern of splenic artery in relation to hilum of spleen for Anatomist, Radiologist and Surgeons.Such knowledge definitely help the radiologist while doing the color doppler flow imaging and also the surgeons in selecting the operative procedure thereby it minimize the vascular complications. Materials and Methods: During routine dissection, 60 cadavers were dissected and the branching pattern of the splenic artery in relation to hilum of spleen was studied. Results: Splenic artery shows following pattern of division, distributed pattern bundled pattern before entering the hilum of spleen and splenic artery enters the spleen without any division. In our study, distributed pattern was seen in 36 cases (60%), bundled type in 14 cases (23.3%) and without branching in remaining 10cases (16.7%). Conclusion: The variation in the branching pattern of splenic artery is necessary for Anatomist useful in angiographic studies for radiologist and also for surgeons to minimise vascular complications during abdominal surgeries, spleen preservation procedure is possible distributed and bundled pattern of splenic artery.

Keyword :

 Splenic artery, Branching pattern, Spleen preserving surgery.
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