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Stature estimation using foot measurements in south Indian population

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Geethanjali H T, Amrutha Magadi, Lakshmi T, L Shashikala

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This study was conducted in the Department of Anatomy during the period of August to September 2019 in the Department of Anatomy, MIMS Mandya. The aim of study was to find the correlation between foot measurements and standing height of both males and females and to derive the regression equation for calculating the Stature. This study included 255 subjects (105 males & 150 females) in the age group of 18 to 22 years. After obtaining the consent and recording the demographic profile, foot length and foot breadth was recorded in both sides by a single person(to avoid inter-observer error) in accordance with the directions given in manual of Physical Anthropology. The data was statistically analyzed and was found that foot length provided high correlation with stature (p significant correlation with p value - 1.274* (FBR) 1.827 *(FBL) -1.548 *(FLR) 3.249 * (FLL) and in males as Height = 118.671 0.490* (FBR) 1.316 *(FBL) - 0.449 *(FLR) 1.345 * (FLL). In unknown sex as Height = 82.734 -0.306* (FBR) 0.946 *(FBL) 1.174 *(FLR) 2.104 * (FLL). In our study there was no statistically significant difference in stature estimation by foot length of right and left sides. This information would be in turn useful to establish partial identity and biological profile of an individual from South Indian population.

Keyword :

 Stature estimation, Identification, Anthropometry, Foot measurements, Regression equation.

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