Interwoven relation between tattoo, alcohol and psychological components

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Naveen S Kotur, Vijayanath V, Anitha M R

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Introduction: The primary aim of this study is to examine the relationship between having tattoo and consumption of alcohol along with the anxiety and emotional diagnosis. As the literature supports to a certain extent but not confirmatory. Aims: To find out the use of alcohol and the method of having the tattoo and later removal of these tattoos. Tattoos correlation with having alcohol consumption, anxiety, emotional status, and regrets. Methodology: This study was conducted in the community, those who are visiting to seek the help of professionals for their suggestions regarding having the tattoos. However, they have not been taking any medicine or prescription or procedure from the center where these samples have been collected. The study was conducted between January 2019 to June 2019. Results: The results have significant values concerning the use of alcohol and having the tattoos in terms of its removal and from the source where they got these tattoo done. More to add the relation between anxiety and alcohol consumption concerning having a tattoo is alarming, especially in graduates and those belonging to the age group of 19-21. Discussion: The results of the study are very much convincing with the hypothesis from which the study has been undertaken, concerning highly significant statistical value concerning those having tattoos and showing the anxiety features. Conclusion: Many studies and hypotheses are pointing out the correlation between alcohol consumption and having the tattoo. But few had a clear report in proving the hypothesis whereas the majority were in dilemma to say confidently about the exact relationship. But in our study, it has shown many significant values which may be taken into account and looked for a large number of samples including from different ages, religion, and others to come to a correct conclusion.

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 Alcohol, Tattoo, Anxiety, Regrets.
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