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No Drainage tube in duodenal perforation laparotomy

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Research Article

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Prabhakar Ulaganathan

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Duodenal ulcer perforation peritonitis is the commonest cause for emergency laparotomy in India. Abdominal cavity is highly contaminated with bile, food particles and pathogens. It is customary to keep drainage tube on both flanks after laparotomy for duodenal perforation closure. Drainage fluid is minimal if the perforation is closed by live omental patch technique after thorough peritoneal lavage. Drainage tube itself may act as a track for skin pathogens to migrate from skin to the abdominal cavity. This comparative study was conducted between two groups of patients underwent laparotomy with and without drainage tube for duodenal ulcer perforation. Patients in our surgical unit were treated without drainage tube and compared with other surgical unit where patients were treated with drainage tube. The study reveals that the outcome was similar between the two groups. Drainage tube is unnecessary in laparotomy for duodenal ulcer perforation.

Keyword :

DT, Duodenal perforation, Laparotomy, No drainage tube.


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