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Patient’s perception of pain and satisfaction with pain management undergoing abdominal surgeries

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Research Article

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Nandkishor K. Jaiswal, Kunal C. Chugh, K. M. Jaiswal, Lohit S. Vaishnao, Nisha R Agrawal

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Introduction: Persistent pain after major abdominal surgery can lead to discomfort to the patients.  There is a paucity of data regarding satisfaction of pain management in Indian post -surgical patients. Objectives: To find out the prevalence of acute post-operative pain and level of patient’s satisfaction for pain management in patients of elective abdominal surgeries. Material and methods: Observational study using questionaire, visual analogue scale. Results: At 5th post –operative hour,   35 patients having a score of 2, 128 had a score of 3 and 36 patients had a score of 4 with a mean score of 2.9 ± 0.61. The worst possible pain within 24 hours was found  with a  mean score of  8.9 ± 0.61.Average pain of score 6 was found in 146 patients and score of 7 was found in 45 patients with a mean of 6.1 ± 0.46.   79% and 83% of respondents reported that they were “satisfied” with how their nurses and physicians, respectively, responded to their complaints regarding pain. Conclusions: Majority of the patients felt the post operative pain in 24 hours of the surgery with mild pain initially to worst possible pain later on .79% and 83% of respondents reported that they were “satisfied” with how their nurses and physicians manage their pain. In 63% patients the time lag for receiving the pain relief medication was 0 to 10 minutes. Hence we conclude that the   Acute Pain Management Services (APMS) in surgery department is satisfactory.

Keyword :

Visual analogue scale(VAS) of pain, Questionnaire based study, Post-operative pain.


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