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Wound related complications of skin sutures – A prospective study

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Research Article

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Jamal Shaik, Nousheen

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Introduction: Surgery is derived from the earlier name chirurgery, which means handwork. It is a science and art that shows the manner in which to work on man’s body exercising all manual operations necessary to heal or as much as possible using most expedient medicines or techniques. The goal of surgery is to achieve healing by such means with minimal edema, no serous discharge or infection, without separation of the wound edges and with minimal scar formation. The success of the surgery and the efficiency of the surgeon is judged by two things: An uneventful post operative period (without complications) and Cosmetic appearance of the scar. Aim: To study the wound related complications of skin sutures. Materials and Methods: The present cross sectional study was conducted in the Department of General Surgery, Shadan Institute of Medical Sciences hospital among 100 patients who were satisfying the inclusion criteria for various elective and emergency surgeries. 50 patients underwent skin suturing with silk and remaining 50 patients underwent skin closure with prolene. The surgical site was inspected for infection and gape. Results: Majority of the study population in both the groups (34% each) belonged to the age group of 30-39 years, followed by 40-49 years (22% in silk group and 20% in prolene group). Majority (66%) were males. Among Silk group,  Wound related complications were present in 26% of the study population out of which 23.07% had acute wound dehiscence and 76.93%  had surgical site infection or wound infection. Among prolene group, Wound related complications were present in 10% of the study population. All 10% of them had surgical site infection or wound infection. There were no cases of abdominal wound dehiscence in the prolene group. The findings of the present study showed a statistically significant association with the type of suture material used with P value of 0.03. Conclusion: Use of Silk as suture material is associated with more complications than prolene.

Keyword :

Wound Infection, Suture, Suture Material, Complications.


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