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A trio of unusual burns

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Research Article

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P Umar Farooq Baba, Adil H. Wani

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Burn injuries are common in Kashmir Valley due to its climatic conditions. The climate in the valley is somewhat more or less cool throughout the year with extremely cold winter months. Because of the extreme cold conditions prevailing for about eight months, the majority of people use 'Kangri' to keep themselves warm during winter months. All around the year, people also need warm water for washing, bathing, etc. Most of the population here is not so sound economically to afford newer heating gadgets as well as geysers for hot water. So people here are forced to use cheaper alternatives to keep themselves warm as well as to get hot water. That is why the incidence of burns increases during the winter months. With this background, we present three cases of unusual burns presented to our burn unit. We conclude that the cheaper but potentially dangerous means of heating gadgets should be discouraged and replaced by safer ones.

Keyword :

 Burn, Kangri, Scald, Electrofishing, Epileptic, Winter.


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