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Paraganglioma of superior laryngeal nerve mimicking as carotid body tumor: A rare case report

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Case Report

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Gyanendra S Mittal, Deepak Sundriyal, Mudit Agrawal

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A paraganglioma is rare neuroendocrine neoplasms arise from chromaffin cells that may develop at various body sites (including the head, neck, thorax and abdomen). About 97% are benign and remaining 3% are malignant because they are able to produce distant metastases. Vagal paragangliomas represent 1 We present a case of paraganglioma of superior laryngeal nerve, because of rarity of the disease and after careful search no case report as tumor arising from the superior laryngeal nerve is found in the literature. Patient underwent pre-opeative investigations like CT Angio, MRI, DOTA-NOC Scan and tumor markers, intra-operatively it had seen that tumor was arising from superior laryngeal branch of vagus nerve. Patient recovered well after surgery and developed post operative neurological complications like voice changes and aspiration to liquids. These complications were managed conservatively. Absence of neurological symptoms, local invasion, indolent histological features and absence of lymph node metastasis confirm the frequent benign behaviour of these neoplasms.

Keyword :

Paraganglioma, Superior laryngeal nerve, Vagus paraganglioma, Carotid body tumor, Head and neck tumours.


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