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Modern advances in reconstructive oral and maxillofacial surgery

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Review Article

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Shaifaly Chouhan, Medha Sansanwal, Sumit Bhateja, Geetika Bhateja

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Reconstruction within the head and neck is usually difficult. Wound is anatomically complicated and already be compromised by inflammation, infection, and scarring. Tissue grafts and vascularised flaps (either pedicled or free) lead healthy tissue to a compromised wound for many favourable  healing and are the benchmark for the repair of such defects, however disadvantages are their restricted handiness, the issue of shaping the flap to suit the wound and, most significantly, donor website morbidity. The importance of function and aesthetics has direct advances within the preciseness of surgical techniques. Evolution in navigation, three-dimensional imaging, stereolithographic models, and also the use of custom-made implants will aid and upgrade the accuracy of existing constructive ways. Tissue engineering and distraction osteogenesis avoid the necessity for autologous tissue transfer and may thus be noticeable as additional standard ways of reconstruction. Recently, facial allotransplantation has allowed whole anatomical facial units to get replaced with the chance of sensory recovery and reanimation being completed in a very solitary procedure. However, patients who have facial allotransplants are subject to life-long immunological disorder therefore this technique of reconstruction ought to be restricted to chose cases.

Keyword :

Reconstructive surgery, Head & Neck.


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