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Risk factors of retropharyngeal abscess

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Research Article

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Nikhil, Shambulinga Killera, Suryanarayana Joshyam, Basavarajaiah D M

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Many clinicians in the ENT find very difficult to diagnose the stage of infection and therapeutic options and also RPSAs lead with very limited literature available to focus the treatment option in limited resource set up. The main cutting edge of the study aims to correlate post surgical complications of RPSAs and also we know the age related incidence.  A prospective and retrospective study was undertaken in the Department of ENT, BMCRI. The incumbent laboratory parameters like throat culture was done for all the suspected patients , Complete blood counts (CBC) , X-ray the results revealed that a total sixty suspected pediatric patients were were studied prospectively and retrospectively for the period of two years ,out of which males 35 and females was 25 respectively.Themean age of the patient was 8.96±1.25 years (IQR 4-14years ) median age was 10 years adiological impressions and Computed tomography (CT) scan was done at the greater accuracy. Reduced width of the air column is most common after post surgical intervention and it was found to be statistically significant (p

Keyword :

Retropharyngeal abscess, Demographic profile, Surgical intervention, Prospective design.


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