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IJIST V2 I1 Optimize Elasticity in Cloud Computing using Container Based Virtualization

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Noor e Sahir,Muhammad Amir Shahzad

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Cloud computing emphasis on using and underlying infrastructure in a much efficient way. That’s why it is gaining immense importance in today’s industry. Like every other field, cloud computing also has some key feature for estimating the standard of working of every cloud provider. Elasticity is one of these key features. The term elasticity in cloud computing is directly related to response time (a server takes towards user request during resource providing and de-providing. With increase in demand and a huge shift of industry towards cloud, the problem of handling user requests also arisen. For a long time, the concept of virtualization held industry with all its merits and demerits to handle multiple requests over cloud. Biggest disadvantage of virtualization shown heavy load on underlying kernel or server but from past some decades an alternative technology emerges and get popular in a short time due to great efficiency known as containerization. In this paper we will discuss about elasticity in cloud, working of containers to see how it can help to improve elasticity in cloud for this will using some tools for analyzing two technologies i.e. virtualization and containerization. We will observe whether containers show less response time than virtual machine. If yes that’s mean elasticity can be improved in cloud on larger scale which may improve cloud efficiency to a large extent and will make cloud more eye catching.

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Grid computing, Elasticity, Virtualization, Containerization, Docker Image

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