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Synthesis of Picric Acid at Domestic Scales.

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Afshan Saleem,Noreen Rafi

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Picric acid and its derivatives are widely used in various applications/industries. The first synthetic dye was prepared in 1771 using picric acid. It was used to dye silk fabric into greenish-yellow color. In this study, Picric acid and their derivatives were synthesized and characterized by their physical and chemical properties. The derivatives of Picric acid which are considered in this research include Picramic acid and Sodium Picramate. The physical properties like melting point, colors, physical state and solubility of Picric acid and its derivatives were determined and confirmed using IR Spectra. IR spectra proved efficient in scanning and mapping.

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Picric acid, Synthetic dye, Picramic acid, Sodium picramate and IR Spectra.

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