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One cannot take his owns life person has a Right to Life but not a Right to Die after Gian Kaur Judgment. There are other set of people also who does not losses their hope towards life such as Hunger strikers, Illiterate and tradition bound sets of people, people who gives threats to suicide they are not under mentally ill and under severe stress then how can state give them freedom to take their own life and goes unpunished if they are failed in their attempt. What is the relevance of Mental Health Care Act and how is connected to Section 309 IPC which criminalize suicides? The article reviews the Indian and international legal perspective of attempted suicide, discusses the Relationship between Section 309 and Mental Health Care Act 2017, Importance of Criminalisation of Section 309 and the consequences after decriminalizing suicidal acts and highlights the need to retain the criminality of Section 309 IPC.

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Right to life vs Right to Die, Mental Health Care Act 2017, Importance of Criminalisation.
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