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Synthesis and Photocatalytic Activity of Polyhedral BiVO4

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Jianfei Chen,Ranbo Yu, Zumin Wang

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Polyhedral BiVO4 was prepared by hydrothermal-calcination two-step method. The physicochemical properties of polyhedral BiVO4 were characterized by XRD, TG/DTA, SEM and UV-vis DRS. The photocatalytic properties of the samples were investigated by using 10 mg/L methylene blue (MB) as the target degradant. The experimental results showed that the prepared polyhedral BiVO4 is monoclinic. The morphology is about 10 ?m polyhedral block. The pure phase BiVO4 has strong visible light absorption capacity. Under visible light irradiation, the prepared BiVO4 can degrade 90% of MB within 40 min. Moreover, the photocatalytic performance was further improved by forming a BiVO4 /BiOCl heterojunction, and the kinetic reaction rate was 1.5 times that of the pure phase BiVO4.

Keyword :

Material Science; BiVO4 ; BiVO4 /BiOCl; Photocatalytic


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