Magnetic Field-Dependent Reversal Effect of the ElectromagnetInduced Normal Stress of Magnetorheological Materials

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Original article

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Taixiang Liu, Yangguang Xu, Ke Yang, Lianghong Yan,Beicong Huang, Zhuo Zhang, Xiaodong Jiang,Hongwei Yan

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Magnetorheological (MR) materials are a type of magnetoactive smart materials, whose physical or mechanical properties can be altered by applying a magnetic field. In usual, MR materials can be prepared by mixing magnetic particles into non-magnetic matrices. In this work, the electromagnet-induced (or non-uniform magnetic fieldinduced) normal stress of MR materials is studied. It shows that the stress does not vary monotonically along with the enhancement of the applied magnetic field. There exists a field-dependent reversal effect of the variation of the stress. The reversal effect is thought resulting from that the ratio of interparticle repellent of parallel magnetic particles to the particle-electromagnet attraction gets enlarged along with the enhancement of the field.

Keyword :

Magnetorheological Material; Magnetorheological Finishing; Electromagnet; Normal Stress; Reversal Effect
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