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Finite Element Analysis and Experimental Study of Atomized Gas Flow Field in Spray Forming

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Yongqi Cheng,Yang Bai,Yuhang Chen,Peng Zhang

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During the spray forming process of die steel, the gas flow field of nozzle atomizer has an important influence on the atomization effect of metal solution and the shape and performance of deposited billet. In this paper, the finite element analysis method was used to study the flow field distribution of the annular slot type restricted nozzle. The results showed that the negative pressure area was formed at the front of the atomizing gas outlet of the nozzle; the negative pressure area was enlarged and the negative pressure value was increased with the increase of the extending position of the liquid guide pipe and the atomizing pressure; when the atomizing pressure was 0.5MPa and the extending position of the liquid guide pipe was 7mm, the negative pressure value of the front of the liquid guide pipe could reach38650Pa and the gas flow rate could reach 191.4m/s; the back-injection could be effectively avoided by optimizing the appropriate process parameters. And the damage of atomizing nozzle could be reduced.

Keyword :

Spray Forming; Atomized Gas; Flow Field Analysis; Finite Element Method


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