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Sapindus emarginatus extract embedded with gold nanoparticles: an antiproliferative agent against MCF7 breast cancer cell line

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S.Vignesh Kumar,V. Kavimani

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There are numerous studies reported on the usage of the Sapindus emarginatus (SE) fruit in cancer and other treatments in the past few years. In this study, crude SE fruit extract was prepared and it was further used to synthesis gold nanoparticles (Au Nps). The synthesized Au Nps were left embedded in the SE fruit extract. The Au Nps embedded in the SE fruit extract (SE-Au Nps) were characterized using UV Vis spectroscopy, Centrifugal particle size analyzer (CPS), Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR). MTT assay was carried out for both SE fruit extract and SE-Au Nps on MCF7 breast cancer cell line and compared. The UV- Vis Absorbance for the SE-Au Nps was obtained at 543nm. The centrifugal particle size analysis of the Au Nps embedded in SE fruit extract showed the size of the nanoparticles to be widely varying with higher fraction of particles between the size ranges of 15 to 20nm. The morphology of the Au Nps embedded in SE fruit extract was observed using SEM. The presence of Au Nps in SE fruit extract was confirmed using FTIR. The results of the MTT assay on MCF7 breast cancer cell line proved that the ?ll viability was less for SE-Au Nps than that of the SE fruit extract alone. Thus the antiproliferative activity of the SE fruit extract was significantly enhanced by embedding it with Au Nps and it can be effectively used in therapeutic applications after further studies.

Keyword :

Gold nanoparticles; Sapindus emarginatus; Antiproliferative; MCF7


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