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Investigation of Metal Air-Cooling Process as an Element of Thermal Processing

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Biryukov A.B , Gnitiev P.A.

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Background: Nowadays on metal tempering and annealing its air cooling (AC) is realized inside furnace with forced coolant delivery. Scientific tools lack for metal AC study and design is substantiated. The aim of this work is to investigate technological and design furnace parameters influence on metal AC duration, as well as disclosure of metal AC heat engineering regularities. Materials and method: For study mathematical model of metal AC is used. It bases on solving the differential non-stationary heat conductivity equation in one-dimensional form for cylindrical ingots and lining. Results: For three lining design types and different technological parameters operation acceleration possibility due to lining design change was studied. It is found that with ceramic fibers on walls and roof acceleration is 31-45% and with all lining made of ceramic fiber it is 44-52% as compared with fireclay brick lining. For a furnace with hearth of fireclay bricks and ceramic fiber on the walls and roof, convective component varies from 10 to 30%; for lining completely consisting of ceramic fibers it is 10 - 25%. When using fireclay brick lining parts their inner temperature is higher than for ceramic fiber up to 50 °C. Conclusions: Significant furnace lining materials type influence on metal AC intensity is proved. Heat removal mechanism on metal AC in furnace is disclosed, by establishing heat proportion directly removed from metal by convection. It is found that radiant heat transfer between metal and fireclay brick part of lining goes less intensively than with ceramic fiber part.

Keyword :

Air-cooling process; furnace; convective heat exchange; radiant heat exchange; mathematical modeling; ceramic fiber lining


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