Study on the Effect of Material Absorption of Photonic Crystals on Transverse Magnetic Wave Band

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Hao Shi,Zhiping Zhao,Congwen Shen

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Photonic crystals are a major discovery in physics and have an important influence on our present life. The biggest feature of the photonic crystals is that they have bandgap which can block photons of a certain frequency, thus affecting the photon movement. This effect resembles the influence of the semiconductor body on electrons. Therefore, research and discovery of the photonic crystal have a broad prospect and people have large expectation on the photonic crystal. The emergence of photonic crystals makes it possible for the miniaturization and integration of some aspects of information technology. Their structure studies enable us to determines their characteristics, thus the discovery of the photonic crystal structure and function will lay the foundation for the study of its application. In this paper, the study focuses on the research of material absorption of photonic crystal on Transverse Magnetic (TM) wave band. Firstly, the basic knowledge and principle of photonic crystal are introduced. Then, the research is carried out to study the effect of characteristic matrix method on photon crystal TM energy wave.

Keyword :

photonic crystal TM band characteristic matrix
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