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Analysis of Influence Factors on Line Shape of High-speed Railway Beam-Arch Combination Bridge

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Daihai Chen,Zhenqi Xu,Yuanmiao Qiu

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Taking the prestressed continuous beam-arch composite bridge on the Zheng Wan High-speed Railway as a research object, which across the South-to-North Water Transfer in Zhang Liang Town, the space finite element model of the bridge was established by Midas/Civil, the cantilever casting construction process of the main beam was simulated, and the influence of many different parameters on beam line shape of the bridge was investigate. The results show that the unbalanced weight of the hanging basket and the prestressed steel bar parameters have less influence on the beam line shape; the bulk density of concrete and the arrangement length of counterweight have a great influence on line shape, therefore, these should be considered as key control parameters during construction, the counterweight of boom beam can reduce the deformation of bridge’s mid-span, it is advantageous for the Analysis of Influence Factors on Line Shape of High-speed Railway Beam-arch Combination Bridge line shape control of the bridge.

Keyword :

Bridge Engineering; High-speed Railway Bridge; Continuous Beam-arch Composite Bridge; Cantilever Construction; Bridge Line Shape; Parameter Analysis


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