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Performance Evaluation of Intrusion Detection using Linear Regression with K Nearest Neighbor

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Deepa Hindoliya

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Starting late, the colossal proportions of data and its unfaltering augmentation have changed the essentialness of information security and data examination systems for Big Data. Interference acknowledgment structure IDS is a system that screens and analyzes data to perceive any break in the structure or framework. High volume, arrangement and quick of data made in the framework have made the data examination strategy to perceive ambushes by ordinary strategies problematic. Gigantic Data frameworks are used in IDS to oversee Big Data for exact and profitable data examination process. This work introduced Regression based gathering model for interference area. In this model, we have used direct backslide for feature decision examination, and built an interference revelation appear by using Na¯ve bayes classifier on concern organize. Presently used KDD99 to plan and test the model. In the examination, we displayed an assessment between LRKNN Linear Regression based K Nearest Neighbor and CM KLOGR Confusion Matrix based Kernel Logistic Regression classifier. The eventual outcomes of the assessment exhibited that LRKNN show has unrivaled, decreases the planning time and is viable for Big Data Content mining based IDS can beneficially perceive obstructions. Linear Regression based K Nearest Neighbor LRKNN is one of the progressing overhauls of chaste knn computation. LRKNN deals with the issue of self governance by averaging all models made by ordinary one dependence estimator and is suitable for relentless learning. This way of thinking is sharp framework interference acknowledgment system using LRKNN estimation for the recognizable proof of different sorts of attacks. To evaluate the execution of our proposed system, we drove tests NSL KDD enlightening list. Trial results make evident that proposed model dependent on LRKNN is profitable with low FAR and high DR. Deepa Hindoliya | Prof. Avinash Sharma "Performance Evaluation of Intrusion Detection using Linear Regression with K Nearest Neighbor" Published in International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (ijtsrd), ISSN: 2456-6470, Volume-4 | Issue-1 , December 2019, URL: Paper URL:

Keyword :

Intrusion detection, statistics mining, LRKNN algorithm, NSL-KDD data set, FAR, DR


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