Understanding Inherent Interconnectedness, Co-existence and Self-regulation in Nature (Existence) and their Implications Leading to a Holistic Worldview

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Original article

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Gopal Babu

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All human beings inherently aspire for happiness, prosperity and its continuity both within us and with the outside world which includes other human being and the rest of Nature.But, at the same time most of us feel contradiction in themselves and it is common to see such a wide-spread conflict, violence and strife at every stage, not only in human-to-human interactions but also in human-to-Nature interactions.This way most of us are forced to live in contradiction. What is the way out of this dilemma, we are aware that great visionaries have proclaimed that there is an inherent unity in the Universe under the apparent diversity. If this be the real truth then, the important question arises – How can we facilitate the understanding and realization of this truth? If we can move in that direction, it will be really a tangible progress towards promotion of peace and harmony. The present investigation is dedicated to this objective whereby an attempt is made to explore various sources and evidences which include direct observations, the study of ecology, the Gaia theory, the implications of some revolutionary developments in modern sciences and finally, the understanding emerging from spiritual philosophical domains. All these sources tend to strengthen the conviction that there is inherent interconnectedness, self-regulation and co-existence in entire Nature/Existence of which the human being is an integral constituent. It also highlights an important fact that the human species can fulfil their role in this harmony only after proper understanding and realization of this truth.

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Inherent harmony, Interconnectedness, Co-existence, Self-regulation

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