Optimization of various physiochemical parameters to enhance production of secondary metabolite from soil actinomycetes against dermatophytes

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Original article

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P. Jadon, A. Dwivedi,C. Singh,A. Kumar

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The main objective of the study is to isolates actinomycetes from the Gwalior region and improves the production of secondary metabolite and cell growth of actinomycetes. Total 70 actinomycetes were isolated and screened for maximum secondary metabolites production against the dermatophytes on the bases of agar diffusion method & disc diffusion method. Out of 70 isolate, AP-27 has a good potential to produced secondary metabolite that inhibit the growth of dermatophytes (Microsporum gypseum, Microsporum fulvum, Tricophyton rubrum, and Tricophyton mentagrophytes). The optimization of several growth parameters like- growth medium, Incubation time, carbon sources, nitrogen sources, temperature, pH and minerals for the maximum production of secondary metabolites were checked. The optimum growth of AP-27 occurred with starch casein broth containing 2% starch as carbon source and nitrogen source was potassium nitrate nitrate at 2% at pH 7 and temperature 30?C. Soybean meal was also found to be the best nitrogen source after the potassium nitrate which can help in large scale production because In India 74% of soyabean is produced by Madhya Pradesh. FeSO4 (0.01gm/100ml) was selected as optimum mineral source. It was noticed that 6 days old culture was showing the maximum zone of inhibition and cell growth.

Keyword :

Actinomycetes, Dermatophytes, optimization, secondary metabolites.
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