Color Digital Sign Board using Altium Designer

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Khin San Aye

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Digital signage is ultimately less costly and more efficient than print, while delivering greater message control and a more engaged audience. LED display, as the board size is getting larger, the time needed for data transfer between LED dot matrix arrays is also very important using display technology, video technology, multimedia technology, network technology, computer technique and automatic control technology to display various information factors. In this paper, first using of Altium Designer, is a PCB design software. Designers provide consistent and standardized project file, create the right parts for design and then made of PCB board is proposed. As the main functional unit, the proposed method uses the PSoC analog coprocessor, octal transparent D type latches and high speed CMOS Decoder De multiplexer are deployed. In addition, DC to Dc power converter and a power MOSFET transistor are used. Khin San Aye "Color Digital Sign Board using Altium Designer" Published in International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (ijtsrd), ISSN: 2456-6470, Volume-3 | Issue-3 , April 2019, URL: Paper URL:

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