Standardization and Optimization of Initiation, Shooting and Rooting Medium for Patchouli Micro Propagation

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Dindayal Darunde | Swapnil Pandey

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The media and hormone composition has been standardization and optimization from petiolate explants of Pogostemon Cablin Benth. a medicinally important plant species belonging to the family Lamiaceae. Axillary shoot bud proliferation was initiated from nodel explants cultured on Full MS, ½ MS and ¾ MS medium supplemented with various concentrations of 6 Benzylaminopurine BAP , Indol 3 acetic acid IAA in mg l. The small shoot started appearing with in 7 to 10 days in all cultured bottles, growth was found in Full MS 0.6 mg lit BAP 0.12 mg lit IAA. For Shoot Multiplication, MS supplemented with Full MS 1.5 ml lit BAP 0.3 ml IAA after 30 days of incubation the average shoot length recorded in the medium was found to be 1.79cm and 1.19 respectively. And For Root Induction Full MS, ½ MS, and ¾ MS supplemented medium with three different concentration of IAA and IBA was used the frequency of root formation response was different in all media, best root formation response was obtained in rooting media AR I having concentration Full MS 0.5 ml lit IAA 1 ml lit IBA average no of plant showing root formation were 3.5 in rooting media. About 24 rooted plantlets were selected for transfer in primary hardening. This ex agar plant was transferred to green house for optimizing the physiological condition. Plant were planted in pro trays containing coco peat was found to be suitable for plant growth. At the same time some of physiological parameters were optimized. Pogostemon Cablin plantlets when grow polythene sheet tunnel show best results where about 50 to 70 of relative humidity and 280 C temperature was maintained. It was also observed that plants were efficiently acclimatized after 30 days of incubation under polythene tunnels. The plants were well habituated in primary hardening condition and 8 plants could not survive in green house indicating very low morality rate in Pogostemon Cablin. Dindayal Darunde | Swapnil Pandey "Standardization and Optimization of Initiation, Shooting and Rooting Medium for Patchouli Micro-Propagation" Published in International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (ijtsrd), ISSN: 2456-6470, Volume-3 | Issue-3 , April 2019, URL: Paper URL:

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