The Ethnic Conflict as Reflected in Umakanta Sarmahs Novel Bharanda Pakhir Jaak The Bharandas A Comprehensive Evaluation

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Chandan Jyoti Chutia

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An image of divisive, decaying and unstable condition gradually coming down to the communal lives of the bodos and other ethnic groups who have been coexisting in Assam for long is drawn in the novel Bharanda Pakhir Jaak written by Umakanta Sarma two Bodo dominated areas Sesakhuli and Sonaphali are used as the background of the novel. Besides the Bodos people of different communities like caste Hindu, Muslim, Nepali etc. also inhabit in Sesakhuli and there is no dearth of unity among them. The new generation of the Bodo youths becomes angry after being aware of the threats suddenly coming to the existence of different ethnic groups many years after the independence of India. But they split into two factions after difference of opinion erupted among them. Meanwhile the Bodos and the Assamese caste Hindus also get divided after difference of opinion among them on various subjects violence and retaliation creates an unstable condition in the surrounding areas. The situation gradually deteriorates and crosses the limits of control. In this way a section of people get deeply involved in the self created problem. A picture of crisis faced by people during the rise of Bodo National consciousness is drown in the novel. The national consciousness created among the new generation of the Bodo youths has tied all the events of that time with the same thread. In other words the sense of national awareness of the new generation of Bodo youths seems to be the driving force of the events in the novel. This heart touching novel reflects the gradually broken values of the long neglected Bodo society in an unstable environment. It presents the awakening of the Bodo youth, the value crisis in their public life and the conflict between old and new thoughts in a clean and fresh way. It has achieved the excellence of an epic by maintaining appropriate co ordination of the background subject matter, conflict, characterization, etc. Umakanta Sarmas Bharanda Pakhir Jaak reflects tribal conflict in an excellent and thoughtful way. Chandan Jyoti Chutia "The Ethnic Conflict as Reflected in Umakanta Sarmahs Novel Bharanda Pakhir Jaak (The Bharandas): A Comprehensive Evaluation" Published in International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (ijtsrd), ISSN: 2456-6470, Volume-3 | Issue-3 , April 2019, URL: Paper URL:

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Bodo, EthnicConflict, UmakantaSarma, BharandaPakhirJaak, AssameseNovel
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