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Vibhash Kumar Vaidya, Geetanjali Srivastava, Tehsin Munsif, VineetaTewari, P. K. Sharma

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The Suprascapular notch is situated in the lateral part of the superior border of the scapula, just adjacent to the base of Coracoid process. The notch is bridged by the superior transverse scapular ligament (STSL) which some time ossifies and is attached laterally to the root of the coracoid process and medially to the limit of the notch. Anumber of variations occur in the shape of suprascapular notch, from a discrete notch to "J" shaped, "V" shaped, "U" shaped or "O" shaped (i.e. as a complete foramen). To study morphological and morphometric variations of suprascapular notch of Indian population. We studied 140 dried scapula bone and measurements of SSN were done using digital vernier calipers. We used the Rengachary classification for this study. The following measurements were The superior transverse diameter - maximum distance between superior most edges of suprascapular notch (SSN). The inferior transverse diameter - maximum distance between the edges of the curved arch at the base of the SSN. The results of our study were: J-shaped -28%, U-shaped-26%, V-shaped -15%, Partial-ossification-7%, Indentation-10%, Absent-9%, Complete ossification- 2%. Type IV supra scapular notch was found to be the most prevalent type amongst all shapes. We also found that the characteristics of the scapula (dimensions) are related to the characteristics of the supra scapular notch (type and dimensions) and there is a distinct difference between right and left side scapula

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Supra scapular notch, Scapula, Superior transverse diameter, Vertical diameter, Supra scapular ligament.
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