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A study on advertisement strategies adopted by FMCG companies with special reference to nutritional drink products for kids

Author details : Vikas Neharkar, Nilesh Anute

Keyword : Nutritional drink, Advertisement strategies, Advertisement appeal  

Volume : 9 Issue : 2

Impact of digitalisation on medical sector employees

Author details : R K Tailor, Ishpreet Walia, Meghana Dhuria, Palak Sharma

Keyword : Digitalisation, Performance, Satisfaction

Volume : 9 Issue : 3

Success of CAMPCO in the agricultural marketing of India

Author details : N Karunakaran

Keyword : CAMPCO, Arecanut, Marketing, Success, Performance

Volume : 9 Issue : 2

Gold price dynamics in India: A pre-post-liberalisation comparison

Author details : K. V. Pradeep, N Karunakaran

Keyword : Temporal dynamics, Cuddy­Della Index, instability, liberalisation, gold price

Volume : 9 Issue : 2

An impact of digital accounting on small and medium enterprises in India

Author details : Ankita Rajput, Gautam Prasad, R. K. Tailor

Keyword : Cell Phones, Digital Accounting, SMEs

Volume : 9 Issue : 3

Culture versus commitment to excellence: Not a skill but an attitude

Author details : Rajeshwari Gwal, Anant Gwal

Keyword : Organizational Culture, Organizational Climate, Organizational Commitment

Volume : 9 Issue : 2

Promotion strategies of customer relationship management

Author details : T. Bayavanda Chinnappa, N Karunakaran

Keyword : CRM, e­CRM, Customer, Retention, Strategy

Volume : 9 Issue : 3

Xboom utilities Pvt. Ltd: Leading self defence industry

Author details : Kiran Desai, Kumar Ashutosh, Shubham Pasricha, Aadya Singh, Samyak Shah

Keyword : Xboom, Gadgets, Self-defense, E-commerce

Volume : 9 Issue : 2

Opinion of customers on satisfaction in the selected bank branches in India

Author details : T. Bayavanda Chinnappa, N Karunakaran

Keyword : Banks, Customer, Satisfaction, India

Volume : 9 Issue : 3

Importance of performance appraisal: A short communication

Author details : Subhasis Karmakar, Mohammed Sheeba Kauser

Keyword :  Management, Appraisal, Performance

Volume : 9 Issue : 4

Awareness of crypto currency among adults

Author details : Ambily A.S., Achal Damodar K.S.

Keyword : Crypto, Currency, Encrypted, Bitcoin, Tether

Volume : 9 Issue : 3

Pay for performance: A major role to motivate the employees within an organization

Author details : Subhasis Karmakar, Mohammed Sheeba Kauser

Keyword :  Phenomenological, Reductionism, National Health Service

Volume : 9 Issue : 4

An estimate of awareness skill level in financial instruments among management students

Author details : G Venkat Rao, P Nagavalli, R Anjana

Keyword : Awareness Skill Level, Financial Instruments, Commodities, Management Students, Forward Markets

Volume : 9 Issue : 2

Key challenges and solutions for HR professionals in the “New Normal” 2022

Author details : Akanksha Jain, Shashi Nanda

Keyword : Covid­19, Disruptive, "New Normal", HR professionals, Challenges, Solutions

Volume : 9 Issue : 3

Impact of demographic variables on consumers’ adoption of e-banking services in Ganjam District of Odisha: An empirical investigation

Author details : Kirti Ranjan Swain, Suman Kalyan Chaudhury, Ashok Panigrahi

Keyword : Demographic Factors, Banking Industry, Electronic Payment, E-banking

Volume : 9 Issue : 4

Impact of whats app usage by the youths of davangere city

Author details : A. Hareesh Setty, Ramesh Chandrahasa, Bhagavathi Das

Keyword : What's App, Technology, Youths

Volume : 9 Issue : 2

A study on digital payment applications in India

Author details : Gaurav Tyagi, Hrishikesh Jagadale, Nilesh Anute

Keyword : NPCI, UPI, Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, BHIM, Amazon Pay

Volume : 9 Issue : 3

Digital servitization: An effective tool of attracting customers in modern business world

Author details : Vanshika Parate, Bhumika V Hiremath, R. K. Tailor

Keyword : Digital Servitization, Servitization, Transformation

Volume : 9 Issue : 4

Growth, prospects and challenges of tourism industry in Odisha

Author details : Suman Kalyan Chaudhury, Sukanta Sarkar, Belete Debasu Gebrie, Ashok Kumar Panigrahi

Keyword : Accommodation, Hospitality, Lodging, Tourist, and Tourism

Volume : 9 Issue : 2

Customers\' Perception about electric vehicles

Author details : Souvik Adhikary, Naman Jalan, Nilesh Anute

Keyword : Electric vehicles, Customers perception, Customers awareness, Factors

Volume : 9 Issue : 3

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