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Laboratory accreditation in India including latest ISO/IEC 17025:2017: An overview
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0001

Histopathological and morphometric analysis of surgically resected thoracic aortic aneurysm due to bicuspid aortic valve disease (BAVD)
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0002

Histopathological study of tumours of bones and joints
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0003

Analysis of macrocytosis in a tertiary care hospital of North India
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0004

A study of morphological spectrum of upper gastrointestinal tract lesions by endoscopy and correlation between endoscopic and histopathological findings
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0005

Fungal rhinosinusitis: A clinicomorphological study in a tertiary institute
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0006

Cytokeratin expression is unrelated to hormone receptor expression in breast carcinoma
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0007

The eukaryotic initiation factor 4E (eIF4E) as a predictive biomarker in the negative margins of resected head and neck and oral cancers: Is there a role for tailoring adjuvant radiotherapy
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0008

Histopathological spectrum of renal tumors in nephrectomy specimens
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0009

Histopathological spectrum of renal tumors in nephrectomy specimens
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0009

Study of expression of vascular endothelial growth factor and histomorphological correlation in colorectal malignancies
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0010

Cytological diagnosis and management of Bacille-Calmette-Guerin (BCG) induced lymphadenitis in infants
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0011

A cross sectional study of clinical and aetiological profile of pancytopenia at a tertiary care hospital in Bhopal
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0012

Clinicopathological and immunohistochemical profile of poorly differentiated neoplasms of stomach and intestine
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0013

A profile of endometrioid adenocarcinoma of uterus in a tertiary centre
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0014

Study of cytomorphological spectrum of tuberculous lymphadenitis and correlation with AFB positivity
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0015

Evaluation of e-cadherin expression in gastric cancer as a prognostic marker
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0016

Assessment of clinicopathologic features of patients with cutaneous leishmaniasis: A tertiary care centre study
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0017

A study of hematological parameters and their correlation with thyroid hormone status in non-pregnant women of childbearing age
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0018

A study of coagulation profile in diseases of liver: At tertiary care center hospital
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0019

Prevalence of various cancers in a rural setting in India –Karaikal
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0020

Clinico-pathological evaluation of non-neoplastic and neoplastic skin lesions: A study of 100 cases
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0021

Utility of evaluation of P53 and BRCA1 in invasive breast cancers: An immunohistochemical study
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0022

Diagnostic efficacy of imprint cytology and frozen section of breast lesions
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0023

Histopathological spectrum of pediatric supratentorial brain tumors in a tertiary care hospital
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0024

Age and gender wise distribution of cases presenting with cervical lymphadenopathy: A retrospective study
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0025

Orbital aspergillosis masquerading as lymphoma diagnosed by cytology – A case report
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0027

A rare case of oropharyngeal angiomyolipoma
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0028

Calcinosis cutis in a background of chronic viral infection: Report of 2 cases: Diagnosed by fine needle aspiration cytology
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0029

A rare case of intrauterine lipoma: A masterful masquerade
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0030

A rare case of nodular hidradenoma in inguinal region with cytohistological correlation: A case report
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0031

Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour of bladder: A case report
DOI: 10.18231/2394-6792.2019.0032


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