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Mr. Varun Kumar
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Indexed - 2018 : IPI Value (2.06)

Indexed - 2019 : IPI Value (2.32)

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Law Audience Journal is an online published Journal in the field of law. It is a peer-reviewed Law Journal and it publishes bi-monthly. It welcomes submissions from various persons such as Law Students, Law Professors, Lawyers, Research Scholars and Judges etc. You can contribute in our Online Law Journal in various forms such as Short-Article, Article, Research Paper, Case Comment, and Book Reviews. Law Audience Journal is a self-supporting initiative started by Mr. Varun Kumar (CEO) and it does not receive any kind of funding from any private or governmental organisation in any form as the case may be. It also tends to provide an opportunity to young law students to express their opinions or suggestions more openly and effectively as compared to other Online Law Journals. The Journal publishes only those submissions which comply with the Journals Submission Guidelines. The Journal does not publish any submission on payment basis. The Journal also prohibits the Authors or Contributors not to submit any false or misleading material to be published in our Journal. VISION/MISSION/OBJECT: • The Journal wants to make some contribution in the present legal educational system; • The Journal wants to highlight the present important issues of law prevailing within the country; • The Journal wants to create Indias biggest online legal library which can be easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

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Law Audience Journal
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