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Maxillary Sinus Polyp: An Analysis on Computed Tomography

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Chandramani B. More, Nairita Saha.

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Background: Polyposis is an inflammatory condition of paranasal sinus mucosa that leads to a typical polypoid appearance. It is seen in all the sinuses, but most frequently in maxillary antrum and is usually associated with allergic conditions. Radiographically, polyp appears as a well-defined, non-corticated, circular or globular radiopaque area within the sinus. Objective: To analyze the data of maxillary sinus polyps on Computed Tomography. Material & Method: The study was conducted by assessing the radiographic records of year 2012 to 2014, available in the archives of department. One Hundred and Sixteen patients were analyzed. The statistical analysis was performed by using one way ANOVA and independent ‘t’ test. Results: Maxillary sinus polyps were seen in the age group of 11-79 years with mean age of 38.55+13.44 years. The male to female participant ratio was 2.74:1. The unilateral and bilateral polyps were 93.10% and 06.90% respectively, wherein 54.31% were on right side and 38.79% on left side. The overall mean length and breadth of polyp was 18.20+5.386 mm and 16.62+3.898 mm respectively. The overall mean length and breadth in males and females were statistically not significant (p> 0.05). The obtained p value for mean length of right polyp was statistically significant (p0.05). Conclusion: Imaging plays a significant role in diagnosing maxillary sinus polyp and hence should be used regularly to prevent complications.

Keyword :

Antral polyp, Computed tomography, Maxillary sinus polyp, Maxillary sinus disorders, Orthopantomogram

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