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Hearing Impairment in pseudoexfoliation syndrome

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Sheldon Goudinho, Renjini. R.I, Jasmine Mary Jacob

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Aim: to compare the degree of sensorineural hearing loss in patients with and without pseudo exfoliation. Materials and Methods: A comparative study design enrolling 44 patients each with and without pseudoexfoliation was employed. Pure tone audiometry was done to detect sensorineural hearing loss and to quantify the same according to WHO classification. Results: 52.3% of patients in the group with pseudo exfoliation had mild sensorineural hearing loss, i.e., difficulty with faint speech.6.8% had moderate sensorineural hearing loss.40.9% had no significant hearing loss. In the group without pseudo exfoliation, 56.8% had no significant hearing loss while 29.5% had mild sensorineural hearing loss.13.6% had moderate to moderately severe sensorineural hearing loss. Conclusion: There is an increased incidence of hearing impairment in pseudo exfoliation syndrome though not statistically significant.

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Pseudoexfoliation, Sensorineural hearing loss.

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