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Effect of atorvastatin on hard exudates in type 2 diabetic patients with normal lipid profile

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Anubha Bhatti, Subina Narang

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Purpose: To evaluate the effect of Atorvastatin on hard exudates in diabetic retinopathy in type 2 diabetic patients with normal lipid profile. Materials and Methods: Prospective study of 50 patients with clinically significant macular edema involving centre was done over 2 years (2015-16). We excluded patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus, patients with nephropathy/ heart disease, dyslipidemic patients, patients with laser treatment within 3 months of enrollment, patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy requiring laser treatment. Detailed history was taken and thorough examination was done with +90 D lens for size and extent of clinically significant macular edema and grading of hard exudates. OCT was done for maximum retinal thickness. The outcome measures were visual acuity, change in grade of hard exudates and maximum retinal thickness. Change in maximum retinal thickness by 30% was considered as significant reduction of macular edema. Patient had minimum follow up of 6 months. Results: Of 50 patients 34 were male and 16 female. Mean follow up period was 10.5±4.0 months. Baseline mean visual acuity was 0.73±0.4 log MAR and baseline mean MRT was 360.03± 30.94 µ. Patients with grade 3 hard exudates were 6, with grade 4 hard exudates were 28 and with grade 5 hard exudates were 16 at baseline. Final mean visual acuity was 0.76±0.4 log MAR. Mean MRT at final visit was 284.6± 48.3 µ. 34 patients (68%) showed improvement by one grade and 2 patients showed improvement by two grade. The grade of hard exudates remained unchanged in 12 patients (24%) and deteriorated in 2 patients. Conclusion: Atorvastatin leads to significant improvement in grade of hard exudates in clinically significant macular edema and decrease in maximum retinal thickness on OCT. However visual acuity status was not significant over short term follow up.

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Atorvastatin, Clinically significant macular edema, Hard exudates.

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