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Effectiveness of computerized ordering of test using unique hospital identification number to reduce pre analytical errors - a cross sectional study in a tertiary care hospital of south India

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Jessy Sumangala Janardhanan1 , Smitha Kalarikkal Satheesan2,*

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Introduction: Laboratory test request forms are important communication device between the clinician and lab personnel. Studies have confirmed that most laboratory errors occur in the preanalytical phase clinicians are ordering investigations in paper request forms which are incomplete with regard to patient information and clinical details. Ordering the request through hospital computers using UHID number of the patient can reduce preanalytical errors. Materials and Methods: Our study evaluated 806 Biochemistry lab report forms, by systematic sampling that reached Central Biochemistry lab from August to October 2016 and the same patients report forms retrieved from hospital computer using UHID number are compared for specific variables. Results: Analysis of the study shows that information regarding sample collection time, sample receiving time in lab, reference range of the analyte, and name of the doctor are 100% entered in hospital computer but 0% entry in the paper request forms. General information of the patient 100% entry in hospital computer, in paper report form it is 98%. But clinical notes, drug history and diagnosis not mentioned in both the hospital computer and the paper request forms. Conclusion: Computerized entry and ordering of investigations by health care persons will reduce preanalytical errors.

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Preanalytical errors, Computerised ordering, Biochemistry lab reports, UHID Number.

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