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Dendritic cells and vitamin D in dry eye disease

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Balakrishnan .M1 , K. Sumathi2,* , Pinky Karam3 , Rajarathinam4

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To study the role of dendritic cells and vitamin D in troublesome evaporative dry eye diseases. Materials and Methods: This is a cross sectional study which includes 108 patients having evaporative dry eye disease and 86 normal healthy volunteers. Ocular surface index, Shirmer’s test and tear film break up time, corneal dendritic cell density, vitamin D and cytokines in serum/tear were estimated. Vitamin D, cytokine in serum/tear and corneal dendritic cell density were estimated. Result: Higher dendritic cell density noticed in evaporative dry eye disease patients compared to control group volunteers and revealed positive correlation with ocular surface index (P Conclusion: Vitamin D has significant role in dry eye disease and its inflammation. Vitamin D therapy can be considered as an added treatment for dry eye disease.

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Dendritic cells, Vitamin D, Inflammatory cells, Dry eye.

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