Manuscript Editing Services

In addition, we provide manuscript English Language editing and proof reading services. We offers different levels of editing to bring your raw manuscript closer to publication such as English Language Editing, Proof reading, medical writing, formatting, design and development and publication support services.

However, our experienced editors reduce such publication barriers by scrutinizing your manuscript and suggesting the appropriate editing service. Regardless of the services you opt for, we focus on the highest quality with fast turn arounds.

How we work:

1.     Addressing your enquiry

2.     Confirmation of your order

3.     Submit your assignment

4.     Review in process

5.     Delivery of paper

6.     Feedbacks

Following is the price list of manuscript editing services:

1.     Formatting + Proof Reading = Rs. ___/ article

2.     English Language Editing + Formatting + Proof Reading = Rs. ___ / Article

3.     Content Writing as per medical terms + English Language Editing + Formatting + Proof Reading = Rs.__ /Article

4.     Formatting + Design & Development + Journal Publication Services = Rs. __/Article

To know more about the services or any concern about privacy or mishandling for your manuscript, please contact us on



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