IPI Value


  • We provide indexing services in a large number of bibliographic databases which increases their visibility and impact on research
  • Indexing certificate of all indexed journals.
  • Indexing for open access and paid journals
  • Evaluation is in progress for journals which filled for specific journals. The results will be published every six month in our journals master list.
  • Inclusion in our database through which all journals can be registered.

Why Indexing is required for Journal:
Indexing is important parameter for any research journal to increase its visibility so that maximum researchers can reach to explore new innovative ideas and opportunities around the world. Indexing is a process in which indexes are created in order to maintain the records so that the researchers can reach the requisite particular record otherwise it will be difficult for them to narrow down their search from huge number of records. Also, readers can reach their interest papers easily.

Why Index Journal in IP Indexing:
IP Indexing is establish to providing indexing of all research journals and proceedings. The purpose is to increase the visibility and ease of use of open access scientific and scholarly journals. If your journal is indexed then you got validated certificate from IP Indexing.

How to Index Journal in IP Indexing:

Journal indexing & evaluation is free for journals. Publisher can submit the journal and articles in submit Journal form to include the journal in IP Indexing after registration. 

Benefits of Membership:
Membership is open for journals, universities and libraries who want to support, sponsor or donate IP Indexing
  • IPI value factor Evaluation
  • Research Paper / Proceedings Indexing
  • IP Indexing Account Access ( Login Details)
  • Exposure to leading universities, libraries & indexing partners through IP Indexing events / newsletters / meetings.

 Supported formats for Research Paper Indexing:

Publisher can index proceedings in various different formats-

  • Simply login to Publisher account and submit the papers for indexing via submission form.
  • PDF format is supported for bulk upload.

 For Users / Research Scholars

Users can view the full-text of all the indexed papers, IPI value factor reports. Journal are searchable by ISSN, Title, keywords, Publisher, Subject etc.