Journal «Bulletin Social-Economic and Humanitarian Research»

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Basic Information

Journal Name [English] Journal «Bulletin Social-Economic and Humanitarian Research»
Online ISSN 2658-5561
Publisher's Url http://bulletensocial....
Subject Social Sciences, general
Frequency Bimonthly
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Journal Description

International electronic scientific journal "Bulletin Social-Economic and Humanitarian Research" publishes articles on the relationship of various government agencies and society. The Editorial Board determines the order of publication of articles. The author retains copyright to his articles. Journal was founded in 2018. In comparison with other similar publications, the journal publishes articles in new scientific areas. The area of scientific research of the journal: “Institutional History”, including “History of the Institute of the Orthodox Church”, “Institutional Economics”, including “Economics of the Institute of the Labor Market” and other newest areas of scientific research. The mission of the journal is the publication of original articles and reviews on history, philosophy, economics, as well as raising the level of scientific research and the development of international scientific cooperation in the framework of these areas. Journal is registered in the National Center of ISSN of the Russian Federation, it is assigned the International Standard Number of Electronic Network Edition, № 2658-5561 from October 23, 2018.