Journal of Advance Research in Instrumentation and Control Engineering

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Journal Name [English] Journal of Advance Research in Instrumentation and Control Engineering
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Control System: Control and Automation Virtual instrumentation and control Control Theory and Applications Recent trends in control systems Robotics and Applications Advanced control techniques Artificial Intelligence and its applications Adaptive Control fuzzy logic Neuro-fuzzy control Neural networks Artificial Neural networks Process control and instrumentation Access Control Adaptive control Robust control Mechatronics Linear and nonlinear control systems Optimization and optimal control Mathematical and computer modeling Mathematical control theory Sampled-data control systems and digital control Recent developments in automation and control System identification and control Process Control, Monitoring, Design and Optimization, Automation Industrial Applications Control Stochastic control and filtering Distributed control and remote monitoring Genetic algorithms and evolutionary computing Applications of control theory in industry Instrumentation Engineering: Instrumentation Engineering Instrumentation and control components Virtual Instrumentation Biomedical instrumentation and applications Systems and automation Industrial automation Intelligent Systems Robotics and Applications Artificial Intelligence and its applications Sensors and Signal Processing Advanced Manufacturing Systems Advanced computing for measurement Automated guided vehicles Dynamic Simulation Man/Machine Interface Transducer principles Measurement techniques Mechatronics Fieldbus technology and interfaces Biomedical Engineering Systems Manufacturing Systems and Automation Application of soft computing Agriculture, environment, health based Instrumentation applications Industry, military, space based Instrumentation applications