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Social Sciences, general
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Center for Serbian Studies. Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade
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Published articles is mostly about the questions concerning the past of the Serbian people from the 16th to the 20th century. The key intention of our research will be Serbian history, seen as part of the Balkan historical, geopolitical and social milieu. The Ottoman, Austrian and Venetian histories, the modern Serbian state, its origins and development, the communism and socialism of the 20th century present a great challenge for the historical research because the Serbs at that time lived within boundaries of Central European, the Mediterranean and the Eastern world. In journal “Serbian Studies” we publish original research works about actual scientific problems and review articles; we will encourage the research of not enough studied areas such as demography, natural resources, agriculture, rural regions, national identity, cultural particularities, civilizational influences and their intersections and challenges, state institutions, everyday life, etc.



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Srpske Studije / Serbian Studies
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