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Visual outcome following cataract surgery in patients with traumatic cata-ract in a tertiary hospital, South India

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Soumya Ramani, Thanuja G P, Divya D Sundaresh.

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Aim: To analyze the intraoperative complications and postoperative outcome during cataract extraction in traumatic cataract. Methods: A retrospective analysis of all the traumatic cataracts presenting at M.S. Ramaiah Medical College Hospital during the period between January 2011 and December 2015 was done. A total of 41 traumatic cataract cases were seen during the 5-year period. Age, Sex, traumatic sequelae, surgical strategies, intraoperative complications and post-operative outcome were reviewed in all eyes. Results: Records of forty-one patients with traumatic cataract were analyzed. Males accounted for 90.24%, while females, for 9.76%. Thirty-five patients (85.36%) underwent surgery for traumatic cataract. A history of blunt trauma was elicited in 23(56.09%) and 18(43.91%) had a penetrating trauma. It was noted that the presence of corneal changes or iris abnormalities, did not affect the visual outcome. Pupillary changes influenced the visual outcome, with100 % of the patients with a relative afferent pupillary defect and a fixed dilated pupil having a vision worse than CF3m. (p

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Visual outcome, Blunt trauma, Penetrating trauma, Traumatic cataract

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