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Quantification of peripapillary RNFL thickness with the help of OCT in normal, ocular hypertensive and glaucomatous eyes

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Mairembam Ranjana, Kamson Anthony, Rajkumar Vidyarani

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Aims: To quantify and compare the retinal nerve fiber thickness in normal, ocular hypertensive and glaucomatous eyes using Optical coherence tomography (OCT). Materials and Methods: Patients were divided in to three groups of 30 each for normal, ocular hypertensive and primary open angle glaucoma. Inclusion criteria were of patients between 30-70 years of age, visual acuity of 6/36 or better, Refractive error not exceeding 5D and no prior surgery. Complete eye evaluation and was done followed by OCT Scan using the protocol “Fast RNFL thickness”. RNFL thickness was assessed in 4 quadrants and statistical analysis was done using student t test and analysis of variance (ANOVA). Results: RNFL was significantly thinner in OHT eyes than in normal eyes specifically in the inferior and nasal quadrants. 12.6% decrease in RNFL thickness was seen in OHT eyes as compared to normal eyes and about 22.29% decrease in RNFL thickness in POAG eyes as compared to OHT. Conclusions: Incorporation of OCT in glaucoma practice can helped us in evaluation of optic disc, quantifying of RNFL, identifying the structural changes in RNFL and the progression of disease. The magnitude of focal RNFL thinning in OCT was related to the magnitude of decreased global indices sensitivity in glaucomatous patient.

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Low coherence optical tomography, Optic disc, Retinal nerve fiber layer, Visual field.

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