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Histopathological spectrum of renal tumors in nephrectomy specimens

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Madhu Kumar R1 , Meghana P2,*, Vidya Vasudev3 , Bharathi M4

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Introduction: Kidneys are the vital organs of the body which are having multiple functions. The benign or malignant diseases of the kidney result in total organ removal. Renal tumors comprises a wide spectrum of neoplastic lesions with patterns that are distinct for children and adults. In India management of chronic kidney diseases is a great challenge as the dialysis and kidney transplantations are expensive. Objectives: To study histopathological features of various renal tumors in nephrectomy specimens and to determine the age and sex distribution in various renal tumors Materials and Methods: The study was done in Mysore medical college and research institute. Total 14 nephrectomy cases were studied in a period of 2 years from 2015 to 2017. Results: Total 14 renal tumors were studied. In which RCC is the most common -10 cases, followed by SCC and Angiomyolipoma, 2 cases each. Most of the patients presented in age group of 4th to 5th decade with male to female ratio of 1.16:1. Histologically RCC-clear cell type was the most common subtype. Conclusion: RCC is the most common renal tumors in which clear cell type is most common subtype.

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Renal tumors, Renal cell carcinoma, Clear cell carcinoma.

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