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Evaluation of e-cadherin expression in gastric cancer as a prognostic marker

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Sridevi C1,*, Pavitra K2 , Jijiyabai3

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Introduction: Carcinoma of stomach is a common malignancy and globally stands at fourth position frequency- wise. E-cadherin, is a major cell adhesion molecule, the loss of which gives rise to invasive and metastatic properties to the cancer cells. Aim of the Study: To study the E-cadherin expression in gastric carcinomas by immuno-histochemistry and to correlate its pattern of staining with tumor differentiation, invasion, histological variants, and lymph node status. Materials and Methods: A two year prospective study was done from September 2011 to August 2013 at Kakatiya Medical College and MGM Hospital, Warangal. The resected specimens of stomach and endoscopic biopsy specimens taken from carcinoma stomach in this study period were considered. Routine histopathology and immunohistochemistry for E-cadherin were done on the sections. Results: 60 cases were studied of which 26 were gastric biopsies and 34 were gastrectomy specimens. The patient age ranged from 41-72 years and the male to female ratio was 1.6:1. There were 70% and 30% cases that showed intestinal type and diffuse type morphology respectively. Preserved E-cadherin was mainly seen in intestinal type tumors 14/42 (33.33%) with grade 3 staining, while majority of diffuse adenocarcinomas 8/18 (44.44%) were negative for E-cadherin staining. Higher stage tumors and poorly differentiated adenocarcinomas showed reduced E-cadherin staining. Cases with positive lymph nodes 22/29(75.86%) had diminished / absent E-cadherin staining. Conclusion: Normal gastric mucosa on IHC shows strong membranous E-cadherin positivity. There is a gradual decrease in intensity and percentage, and the pattern changes towards cytoplasmic staining in gastric carcinomas.

Keyword :

Gastric carcinoma, E –Cadherin expression, Prognostic markers, Immunohistochemistry.

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